Little House Museum presents area history at a locally significant historic site. Local artifacts, documents, photographs, maps, furnishings and other resources interpret the history of our greater Rolesville area.

This standing exhibit interprets the evolution of our area. Through historic maps, and identifying settlement by earliest inhabitants, we document the arrival and expansion of European colonists and explore town growth.

HRS Founding President Michael Bailey shares artifact collections, beginning with spearpoints, arrowheads, pottery and other early tools that help interpret life of Native American residents on this soil from the Archaic Period through the Woodland Period. Artifacts date from Colonial, Antebellum, Civil War and Reconstruction periods. Later artifacts speak to the agricultural role of a well-established farming community, and help document the growth, incorporation, struggle and success, of Wake County’s second oldest township.

Michael Bailey and others gather regularly at the museum on the second Monday of each month to meet and celebrate the history of our area. Visit the HISTORIC ROLESVILLE SOCIETY to learn more.